THE LIVE READING of Ask Amanda #5: "Should I Have a Kid?"Watch now (42 min) | Here you go, loves...
I’m a trauma survivor, the pandemic changed things, and now I’m on the fence.

July 2022

Two pieces of writing about art

June 2022

(Sorry, I just got here.)

March 2022

The Live Reading of ASK AMANDA #4: Two Questions About RapeWatch now (52 min) | Hello my loves. Here you go, the video/audio reading of #4. It’s a difficult topic. As I say in the video … the comments on this…

February 2022

::Contains sensitive material, proceed mindfully::
The Live Reading of ASK AMANDA #3Watch now (24 min) | Live from the living room — “How Do I Overcome the Sadness of a Lost Friendship?”
Dear Amanda, How can someone overcome the sadness of a friendship lost? There is a lot of advice for “relationship” breakups, but I recently lost a…
The Live Reading of ASK AMANDA #2Watch now (72 min) | I read the “Envy and Survival in the Time of Covid” edition of Ask Amanda aloud from my living room in New Zealand. It took an…
How to deal lovingly with anti-vaxxers, avoid the dreaded comparison trap, find balance in the chaos, and more
Live from my house: The Weepy Live-Video Reading, free this week to all subscribers Watch now (51 min) | The video that will usually go to paid subscribers. See my house in New Zealand, ogle at my coffeemaking skills, and watch me…
First up, I have a QUESTION fer you.