What is Ask Amanda?

It’s a column, written by me, Amanda Palmer, in response to you, the people of earth in the ever-shifting Zeitgeist. I’ve always been an avid reader of The Comments—my community can be better writers than I am sometimes. I’m a crowd artist. I’ve spent decades on social media, blogging, reading, connecting, seeing and trying to understand people.

My obsession with reading the community’s words back to me often seemed like a “waste of time” to people who worked with and alongside me, who needed me to be an earning musician and writer. (“Why are you wasting your time on the internet, Amanda? Do your real work!”)

It always felt uncomfortable; more like a bug than a feature. But I’m starting to grow up as a writer and artist, and I now realize that the internet has the power to bring us all together in truly unprecedented ways.

This IS my real work.

The internet can be a really nourishing place. We’ve just gotta approach it more carefully, and find good places to talk. I think this is a good place. 

So we are kicking it off with questions. Ask me. Ask me anything. You can comment on the latest post asking for submissions, or anonymously email:


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Amanda Palmer 
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