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THE LIVE READING of Ask Amanda #5: "Should I Have a Kid?"

Here you go, loves...

Dear ones -

It’s been a second, everyone! HI to you all, subscribers! Greetings from Woodstock, New York.

If you missed the main (free) post of Ask Amanda #5….it is here:

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ASK AMANDA #5: Should I have a kid?
Photographs of Coco Karol — choreographer, mother, and friend — by Amanda Palmer Hi Amanda, A couple years ago, my husband and I decided that we wanted to have a baby, and set a date to start trying. Then the pandemic happened, and then I had a series of health problems, so it’s been on hold, and the waiting gave me too much time to overthink it. Now I’m …
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this is the corresponding live reading! It’s 40 minutes long, so settle in!!

As usual, I used the reading to do last-minute tweaks to the final draft. I know that if I tried to do the rea…

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